imagery by sound/nights
chiptek + all

name: Saya
age: 14 (human years)
sex: Appears Female
eyes: Black/Mirror
hair: Pitch Black

she is Mute
Cloned from a Computer AI
Older than her human years

Extremely intelligent and dangerous. she is set on her beliefs and aint gonna budge.

Focused and to herself.
Serious and introspective but easily irritated.

Draws 4D Deep Fractal shadows in 3D space for fun.
Intrigued by Sarah.

As she was originally an Artificial Intelligence designed as a Vaccine against Digital Radiation, her abilities to manipulate technology and any digital biological matter or nanomachines on location or through the internet makes her a World-Ending entity.

She communicates through her eyes, still unknown how she does this.
Witnesses have seen her manifest as a phantom image in peoples dreams and realities.
name: Lua
age: 20
sex: Female
eyes: Gradient Blue/Green
hair: Black

she is a Student
Traveling to the Planet's moon Luna station 4.

Sporty & Active, she is ready to learn and accept new angles and adventures.

Busy with her studies in Art and Engineering but never lets up an opportunity for a good Adventure, be it exploring new worlds or having a party.

Fast, Agile and a fast thinker, she does not posses any supernatural powers.

As a world traveling adventurer, she knows a lot of locations and survival tactics.
She is also a great artist and loves drawing and painting.
name: Sarah
age: 17
sex: None (robot)
eyes: Mood/Battery dependent
hair: Dark Brown/Silver Streak

she is the first AI able to love.
Raised in but escaped an AR environment for study.

Embracing roundness, emotionally acceptable and loving.

Very shy, hesitant but with outbursts of big Energy, Power and Kindness.
Eager to learn new things about the world.

Dont let her soft approach fool you, she can burst out in huge energy.
While in this power state, her body is surrounded by an invisible gravity/electromagnetic field that she uses to protect herself with.

In Over-power state her body exudes ripples that alter her surroundings and even time, making her slightly levitate.
name: Avaki
age: unknown (childlike)
sex: Appears Female
eyes: Gradient Blue/White
hair: Gold/Blonde/White

god / creator of Music

she is the creator of music, older than galaxies.

Extremely Playful, Childlike and fun to be around.

Never takes things too seriously and always plays around with the group.

But is way smarter and changing than she looks.

The smallest but most powerful of the bunch.
She never uses her god-like abilities such as merging different dimensions, instead being playful and childlike.

She is known to alter her appearence, such as her hair becoming mirror like glowing white and sometimes is witnessed having a sun disc above her head or a 2d-plane Pyramid infront of her forehead.

She can turn from childlike to extremely serious.
name: Haruka
age: 24
sex: Female
eyes: Amber
hair: Dark Brown/Dark Red

she is a genius with Tech
Raised by a rebel faction that she eventually became the leader of.

Free spirit and revolutionary, ready to fight type.

Tinkerer and creative with Technology and skill with building things out of scrap Metal.

Relaxed and chill but always focused on the bigger picture.

Bring her a pile of metal and a few power cells and she will make you a hovercraft.

She has no supernatural powers, instead her artisan abililty to construct and repair many things and her computer programming skills makes her an indispensable asset to the group.

She is also a trained robotics and weapons expert.